calling cards
calling cards

March 18, 2011

went to dad's today.

hm...  nothing really to say...

March 17, 2011

Today was... interesting.

Can't wait for school to end. Plus benchmarks were stressful and annoying!

March 13, 2011

Today is boring!

I got a cool video camera, and a rubix game for my bday. my actual bday is 2morrow!

March 12, 2011


today on my ipod i made custom icons, lock and unlock sounds, slider text, and slider! 

March 10, 2011

If you want a song, video, or pic in the downloadables just message me on facebook! :)

gonna try to put a bar for how many people visited :)

March 9, 2011

Today was boring as usual. 

if u guys have any thoughts about the site feel free to tell me, but no rude comments please. plz tell me if you want me to add something to the site, if i like the idea i'll add it.

I will try to upload a new photo everyday.

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